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For this fleeting Venus-kissed moment, please don’t make life harder on yourself than it needs to be, Taurus. If you’re unable to resist getting involved, you should expect the resultant proceedings to consume a lot of time, emotion, or psychic energy—more, perhaps, than the immediate outcome it’ll yield (which, I promise, won’t be the end to this story) may presently warrant. – Astrobarry by Barry Perlman

Your personal planet Venus enters your sign on Tuesday, where she feels right at home. – Astro Center



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What matters most this week is reaching an agreement on a joint financial issue. If you play your hand with care you can gain some commitment and support, which could make domestic life far easier to handle. – Goto Horoscope

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In your 2nd house of finances and self–worth, Mercury the planet of ’things happening’ and words has his cosmic fingers in all of your various financial statements. – Universal Psychic Guild

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