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There’s no right answer to this question, incidentally. Perhaps you’re in a spot to sacrifice a potential income-generating opportunity because you’re tired of ‘the game’? Just don’t be naive about it: Personal freedom is an awesome virtue to uphold. – Astrobarry by Barry Perlman

Food and cooking could be something you enjoy doing at home as Venus moves into the nurturing sign of Taurus and your family sector. – Astro Center



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The Full Moon in your own sign will heighten your emotion and instincts. Friends will help you put a certain situation into perspective. Your mood lifts Sunday when you find childlike amazement in the common place. – Goto Horoscope

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Your 5th house of self–fulfillment, creativity and romance is highlighted this week with Mercury the words master in Gemini flitting here, there and everywhere. – Universal Psychic Guild

You will be running a pile of extra errands plus working extra hours for a few weeks. Be careful not to overdo. – Speak to the Sky

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